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Dataset: States, USA - Population

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TitleStates, USA - Population
Distance unit of measuredegrees

Service: GeoServer Web Map Service

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TitleGeoServer Web Map Service
AbstractA compliant implementation of WMS 1.1.1 plus most of the SLD 1.0 extension (dynamic styling). Can also generate PDF, SVG, KML, GeoRSS
CreatorPeter Hansen
PublisherNorthStar Engineering
ContributorPeter Hansen
OrganizationPeter Hansen
Distance unit of measuredegrees
Service typeOGC:WMS
Service type version1.1.1
OperationsGetCapabilities, GetMap, GetFeatureInfo, DescribeLayer, GetLegendGraphic, GetStyles
Coupling typetight
Operates onNSE:Chico Aerials (high-res) Mosaic Index, NSE:California - Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle, NSE:BCAG Photos - Chico, NSE:California - Wild and Scenic Rivers, NSE:Butte - E-file Index, NSE:Butte - Hydrology, NSE:BCAG Photos - Paradise, NSE:California - Steelhead Critical Habitat, NSE:Butte - Airport Runways, NSE:Butte - HCP Landcover, NSE:Butte - FMMP Prime Farmland, NSE:Butte - Fire Stations, NSE:Butte - NorthStar Survey Benchmarks, NSE:Lidar Aerial Index, NSE:California - Geology, NSE:BCAG Photos - Oroville, NSE:California - Hoover's Spurge Critical Habitat, NSE:California - Chinook Salmon Critical Habitat, NSE:Grass Valley - City Limits, NSE:testpoly, NSE:Butte - Recorded Maps, NSE:California - Bridges (local jurisdiction), NSE:California - Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat, NSE:Butte - County Supervisor Districts, NSE:California - Orcutt Grass (Hairy), NSE:California - Public Land Survey System, NSE:Butte - Addresses, NSE:California - Air Basins, NSE:California - USGS Benchmarks, NSE:California - Air Districts, NSE:California - Ultramafic Serpetine Soils, NSE:Butte - Streets, NSE:California - Vernal Pool Critical Habitat, NSE:efh_consarea_points_Project, NSE:Butte - Parks and Recreation Districts, NSE:Butte - Deer Herd Management Area, NSE:parcels2012, NSE:California - Vernal Pool Recovery Plan Core Areas, NSE:Butte - 2030 Zoning, NSE:Yuba - Zoning, NSE:Nevada - Land Use, NSE:California - Fire Responsibility Zones, NSE:Butte - Survey Benchmarks, NSE:California - Solano Grass, NSE:Butte - City Limits, NSE:Butte - Soils, NSE:California - DFG Owned Lands, NSE:Butte - Butte County Meadowfoam Critical Habitat, NSE:efh_points_Project, NSE:Butte - Parcels 2010, NSE:Butte - Hospitals, NSE:Butte - Railroads, NSE:California - National Wetlands Inventory, NSE:California - Public Lands Ownership, NSE:Lidar Index, NSE:efh_700fm_points_Project, NSE:Butte - Mosquito Abatement District, NSE:5ftconts_project, NSE:Butte - Census Community Areas, NSE:California - Fault Lines, NSE:Butte - Zoning Classifications, NSE:Butte - Grant Deeds, NSE:California - DFG Facilities, NSE:Butte - FEMA Floodzones, NSE:California - Conservancy Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat, NSE:Chico Aerials (high-res) Index, NSE:Butte - Lakes, NSE:California - Orcutt Grass (slender), NSE:Butte - Community Service Areas, NSE:USGS Quad Index, NSE:California - Vina Plains Preserve, NSE:Yuba - Parcels, NSE:California - Bridges (CalTrans jurisdiction), usa:states, NSE:Butte - Parks, NSE:California - Colusa Grass Critical Habitat, NSE:Nevada Co. - Parcels, NSE:California - Tadpole Shrimp Critical Habitat, NSE:California - Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat, NSE:Butte - County Owned Property, NSE:Butte - Parcels (owner listed), NSE:Butte - Right of way, NSE:Butte - General Plan (2030), NSE:California - Private Water Districts, NSE:Butte - School Districts, NSE:parcels2013, NSE:California - Counties, NSE:Nevada - Zoning, NSE:California - Hyrdologic Unit Codes HUC-10, NSE:cnddb, NSE:California - Tiger Salamander Critical Habitat, NSE:Butte - Aerial Photo Index, NSE:California - Greene's Tuctoria Critical Habitat, NSE:Butte - 25 ft. contours, NSE:Butte - Power Lines, NSE:Butte - Schools, NSE:California - VernalPool Recovery Regions, NSE:Glenn - Parcels, NSE:California Protected Areas Database, NSE:NSE Job Points, NSE:sutter_parcels, NSE:Yuba - Land Use, NSE:California - Red-Legged Frog Critical Habitat