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Dataset: Gold Deposits of the World: Distribution, Geological Parameters and Gold Content

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TitleGold Deposits of the World: Distribution, Geological Parameters and Gold Content
AbstractThe spatial distribution and most significant geological attributes of bedrock-hosted (lode) gold deposits of large size and importance are depicted in this data set. Most of these deposits originally contained at least one million troy ounces (31 metric tons) of gold metal. Lode gold deposits have originated in a wide variety of geological environments. Some are related to igneous emplacement and others are formed during periods of moderate to intense deformation . Placer and paleoplacer deposits are not included in this data set.

The downloadable data summary is periodically extracted from a database prepared for the World Minerals Geoscience Database Project (1998-2003). The full database can be viewed and queried over the Internet, and is being provided on CD-ROM as a GSC Open File. The CD-ROM version of this data set requires the use of MS-Access, and the database management (data entry/browsing and query) utilities packaged as GlobalDBSystem and developed by Robert Laramée.
KeywordsGeoscientificInformation, Geological and geophysical, gold, Au, lode gold, mineral, deposit, orogenic gold
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Service: World Mineral Deposits

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TitleWorld Mineral Deposits
AbstractMineral deposits are natural accumulations of one or more useful minerals that may provide society with metallic or non-metallic raw materials. The Geological Survey of Canada has been compiling databases for major metallic mineral deposits on Canada-wide and world-wide scale over a three decade period. The most recent compilation was enabled by industry-sponsored World Map and World Minerals Geoscience Database Projects. Global databases for seven important metallic deposit types: lode gold, porphyry-related, nickel-platinum group-chromite, sedimentary exhalative lead-zinc, Mississippi Valley-type zinc-lead, iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG), and sediment-hosted copper deposits are now available On-Line. Five easy-to-use thematic world geology datasets provide generalized geological context for the global databases.
CreatorLesley B. Chorlton
PublisherMineral Resources Division, Geological Survey of Canada
ContributorLesley B. Chorlton
OrganizationLesley B. Chorlton
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Service type version1.1.1
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